Inspired by the pioneering American rock band, The Strokes, I designed a visual representation of their musical style infused with elements of the Bauhaus movement. The shared focus on simplicity, functionality, and the rejection of traditional norms evident in the band's catchy melodies and distorted guitar riffs, is represented well by the Bauhaus movement's minimalist and functional designs, which also challenged conventional notions of what things should look like, such as the "Bauhaus Chair." The book's overall look is modern yet timeless, effectively capturing the essence of The Strokes' sound.
Mockup of The Strokes catalog front cover
Mockup of The Strokes catalog spread #1
Initially, I created vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator and later incorporated texture to enhance the design.
Mockup of The Strokes catalog spread #2
Mockup of The Strokes catalog end pages

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