The "Improvosition's Gala" is a highly-anticipated event in New Orleans that promises an unforgettable evening of live jazz music, illuminated gardens, and French, Cajun, and Creole cuisine, complete with an open bar and VIP cocktail hour. The invitation design features colors that are reminiscent of New Orleans and hand-drawn illustrations that seamlessly blend jazz elements with the essence of the event. 
The first illustration showcases a trumpet morphing into a martini glass, symbolizing the cocktail hour. The second illustration features a piano with blooming flowers to represent the illuminated gardens, while the third illustration merges a drum set with a crockpot of jambalaya, visually conveying the traditional cuisine that will be served. Overall, the design is a perfect fusion of art and information, warmly inviting guests to join in the celebration of New Orleans culture.
Image of invitation cover
Image of invitation opening
Image of opened invitation

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