The term "liminal space" refers to a place or state that is in-between, transitional, or on the threshold between two different conditions or phases. It is often described as a state of ambiguity, where one has left one place or state but has not yet fully arrived in another.
For my senior thesis project, I embarked on a creative journey to design, print, and bind an experimental book that showcases my interest in typography, image-making, and layout design. The final product illustrates the urban legends I grew up hearing and preserves them into a written (and visual) record.

High-contrast black-and-white photography was used to create haunting and dramatic images. The images were paired with bold typography to convey mood and emphasize key elements. 

Vellum was incorporated to mark the beginning of each story and add a touch of unpredictability by obscuring the following images.
Die cuts were used throughout the book to experiment with the concept of 'space.' For instance, on page 1, a keyhole was created through which the reader could view a partial image. However, when the page was turned, the full image was revealed to be different from what appeared through the keyhole.  The book slipcover also played with the concept of 'space' by partially revealing the cover image and inviting the reader to explore further.  
When essential, original ink and pen illustrations, such as the timepiece on pages 10-11 were included. 

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